CBS Sports Network’s Adam Schein Ready For Launch Of New Show, Talks Goodell’s Future

By: Josh Carpenter

From: Sports Business Daily

August 17th, 2015

CBS Sports Network’s Adam Schein is used to wearing many hats as a sports media personality in N.Y., from hosting an NFL pregame show to writing for, but now he will get a crack at his own TV show. “Time to Schein” debuts live tonight and will air weekdays on CBSSN from 6:00-7:00pm ET. Schein caught up with THE DAILY to preview his new program, opine on Roger Goodell’s future and the NFL’s prospects in L.A.

Q: What kind of style do you plan on bringing to the show? What can we expect from the debut episode?
Schein: It’s going to be high-octane, fun, passion, opinion, knowledge and entertainment. We’ll react to the biggest stories and biggest games. It’s going to be me, genuine, my opinions on everything that goes on in the world of sports, the biggest topics and issue. Every day we’ll do a monologue that will be probably three topics — that could change depending on the day. We’ll be interactive with viewers on Twitter and have an entertaining social media segment where we’ll be proactive in picking games and giving opinion. Having guests will definitely be a part of it. It’s not going to be a guest-driven show but we will have players, coaches, executives from all different sports. The plan for the first show — there is no plan as of right now. I’m sure we’ll react to the PGA Championship and the Yankees-Blue Jays series, as well as the first week of the NFL preseason, but it’s really dependent on what happens that day in sports.

Q: Will hosting an eponymous show be different from your previous hosting gigs?
Schein: I won’t approach this any differently. When I host any of my other shows, obviously the analysts are there to give their opinions, but I pride myself on being opinionated as a way to stimulate discussion. I host a daily radio show on SiriusXM, so I’ve had that experience of giving my opinion on sports. I think this is something I’ll be very comfortable with. All of my other duties will remain the same with “NFL Monday QB” and “That Other Pregame Show,” as well as my daily sports talk show.

Q: How do you see Roger Goodell coming out of Deflategate?
Schein: I don’t think he’s in danger at all. Think about what was released in terms of revenue sharing and what the owners and the Packers have made. The ratings for Vikings-Steelers were gigantic, and to me the juxtaposition wasn’t lost where that was a game up against Pirates baseball against the Dodgers, which was a huge series. Pittsburgh fans had a choice and L.A. is a major market, and we all saw the numbers there. The NFL’s popularity is incredible and I think that Roger Goodell deserves a lot of credit for that.

Q: What is one sports business story you are keeping an eye on right now?
Schein: I am obsessed with the NFL-to-L.A. story. I think it’s a great story. There needs to be a football team in the second-biggest market in the country, if not two. L.A. is one of those “Field of Dreams” cities where if you build it the right way, they will come. If you have the right ownership, I think there’s been a thirst for football in L.A. ever since the Rams left. That is a compelling story and I think we’re going to have a team in L.A. sooner than later. I can’t wait to see who is involved. I personally think it will be either the Rams or the Raiders. I’m fascinated to see the domino effect if the Chargers end up building a big new stadium in San Diego. If the Rams leave St. Louis, how does it impact that market?