People & Personalities: ESPN’s Doris Burke Explains How She Reached Current Position

From: Sport Business Daily

ESPN’s Doris Burke is profiled by the Albany TIMES UNION’s Pete Dougherty in advance of her working the NCAA Women’s Tournament in Albany this weekend, and she called herself a “happy accident in the world of sports broadcasting.” She said, “When I left coaching in 1990 because I wanted to get married and have children and be a mom, never did I dream my career would take the path that it did. … I am the beneficiary of exceptional timing.” Burke: “What happened to me was I was fortunate to have been on the (New York) Liberty telecasts at Madison Square Garden Network. … The then-leader of that network, Mike McCarthy, was paying attention to my work on the Liberty telecasts and said, ‘Listen, we’re going to look for an opportunity when Clyde Frazier can’t make a game, we believe in your abilities and we’d like you to call an NBA game.'” Burke added, “The only event that I have not had an opportunity to work that I grew up watching was the men’s NCAA Tournament. That would be the only thing that I’ve not had the chance to do that, as I have gone on in my career, [I] would love to be a part of” (Albany TIMES UNION, 3/27).