“I need a thesaurus to use all the positive adjectives possible to describe Maury, the best media agent in the business. What impresses me the most is his honesty. He never sugar coats when talking to a client. Maury is a tireless worker, always thinking multiple steps ahead to best serve a client. Maury has an impeccable sense of timing opening up doors. He is such a wonderful person and universally respected and liked by everyone on all sides on the industry. That’s so important. Every decision maker truly enjoys talking to and negotiating with Maury.”

-Adam Schein

“In the sports broadcasting business 10 years can go by in a blink, but with Maury Gostfrand looking after my best interests, I can safely say the past 10 years have been time very well spent.

Maury took the lead in helping me grow my career from the local TV level to a national platform in three different sports; proof that he is plugged in with the right decision-makers.
Among his many managerial skills, I find him to be a great listener. At times when I might fly off the handle, he’s always under control, helping to put my mind at ease. That makes him a valuable confidant.

With that in mind, when the time calls for negotiations, I’m certain that my side of the conversation will be in very capable hands. Maury and I make a good team. I’m honored to call him my agent, and luckier still to have him as a close friend.”

-Joe Beninati

“Working with Maury and VSG has and continues to be an enjoyable experience. They have quality clients and over deliver in each and every situation. The thing that I like the most about Maury and Vision Sports Group is that you can absolutely trust what they say.”

-Frank Mahar, Chief Legal Counsel, Genesco Sports Enterprises

“It has been a pleasure to work with Vision Sports Group, LLC and Maury Gostfrand. Maury is a wonderful representative for his clients and helps make any project a win/win for everyone involved.”

-Robert C. Kelly, Senior Vice President, Bigelow Tea

“One of the best professional decisions I made was to work with Maury Gostfrand. Maury cares deeply about his clients, and handles himself with class and dignity.”

-Dave Pasch